Taylor Rain is the fucking anal queen. Any real fan – or anyone with a dick for that matter – knows that Taylor loves to take it up the ass. In this Taylor Rain Gallery she not only jams a few fingers in the back door but she let some dude with a huge cock fuck her tight little asshole!

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See that dumb fucking look on Taylor Rain’s face in the picture. That is because she has at least 5 inches of man meat up her ass. The dude drills her hard. Beat his cock and her shoving in a few fingers you better believe that by the end of the shoot Taylor Rain has some huge anal gape going on. Check that fucking shit out yourself!

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Ok Taylor Rain fans I am back! And just in time for winter I found this great gallery of Taylor Rain skiing. She isn’t really skiing but she still looks pretty damn hot dressed in a stocking cap and ski gear for this photo!

taylor rain skiing

I don’t ski but if I did I sure would like to have Taylor Rain as my ski partner. Even better she could be the one to save my ass when I get stuck in a fucking snow bank. Screw that Saint Bernard I want Taylor Rain to save my ass! She can drag me back to the bottom of the mountain and if she can’t wake my frozen ass up all she needs to do is get naked and sit on my face. I am sure all it would take is one smell of her sweet honey pot to snap me out of a coma.

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Ok boys and girls the idea behind this site is very simple. It is going to be my tribute – my shrine – to the godess whose name is Taylor Rain. Why Taylor Rain? Well that really is a stupid fucking question because if you are here on my Taylor Rain Blog than you already know that this is the hottest fucking girl in the adult business. Come on people take a look at her. She is drop dead gorgeous. Take a good look at her deep brown eyes, her beautiful smile, her long brown hair and of course her long slender legs, she is a goddess in a human body.


If you still not convinced take a look at these Taylor Rain Pics from one of her shoots with FTV Girls. Do you agree now? Well if you don’t than you must be half homo! But I am in lust of Taylor Rain for more than her physical beauty. I am in lust of her because she is an fucking dynamo in bed. Not yet, not now in my first post, but as I continue to grow this blog I am will post more pics and some movies of her in action and you will see first hand. She can be very very hardcore and is totaly into anal sex. So sit back boys and girls and get ready for some fun. I’ll see you wankers next time.


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